October 7th, 2007

Kemo's Church


Good morning and welcome back to my church!
Darwin's Theory of Evolution by Means of Natural Selection is extraordinarily powerful in its ability to explain details of the world around us: Why do giraffes have long necks? Why is the kiwi flightless? Why do humans have an appendix? Why certain butterflies are brightly colored, and why do birds sing?

Answers to these and to thousands of other equally puzzling questions have, from 1859 onward, formed a part of the enduring legacy left by the great British naturalist who by plowing under the "Garden of Eden," completed the work begun by Copernicus when he pulled down the "heavenly firmament."


Although the scientific answers to these and similar questions had been familiar to me since high school days, there were other questions which appeared to me to be unanswerable in Darwinian terms, questions which required many years and much thought before I could reconcile them with Darwin's theory.

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