October 21st, 2007

Kemo's Church

Religion and Intelligence


Good morning and thanks for joining me! The historical battles between religious institutions and science, such as those in physics, astronomy and biology, indicate there is something wrong with the religious approach to the study of reality.


If you think you have the answers, you are less likely to search for the truth. So, if you are an engineer in ancient Greece who thinks that the microscope has proven that neurones work through hydraulic pressure, you are not likely to question this truth without very convincing evidence: Your search has largely ended. 

Your background belief (as an engineer in this example) has primed you, and biased you towards accepting the hydraulic neurone theory.


Those who believe that "God works in mysterious ways" and believe in miracles, magic (such as prayer), and that God makes the planets orbit the sun, are less likely to have enquiring minds about how such things work.


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