October 26th, 2007


Scientists Learn Why Hope Springs Eternal


Hope springs eternal and we sing that the sun will come out tomorrow despite the lack of hard evidence to support upbeat forecasts.


Now some scientists know why. They've identified the brain clusters responsible for optimism. Optimism is a common human trait. For instance, people tend to expect to live longer and be more successful than average, and underestimate their chances of getting divorced.


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Late-Night Nudity


A surge in naked sleepwalking among guests has led one of Britain's largest budget hotel groups to re-train staff to handle late-night nudity.


Travelodge, which runs more than 300 business hotels in Britain, says sleepwalking rose seven-fold in the past year. 

One tip in the company's newly released "sleepwalkers guide" tells staff to keep towels handy at the front desk in case a customer's dignity needs preserving. 

The company said naked wanderers often ask receptionists such questions as "Where's the bathroom?," "Do you have a newspaper?" or "Can I check out, I'm late for work?"


Studies have found that sleepwalking can be brought on by stress, alcohol, eating cheese or consuming too much caffeine. It generally takes effect an hour or two after going to bed, when people are first slipping into a deep sleep.

Kemo D. (a.k.a. no.7)

Blind Girl

I saw this commercial a couple weeks ago and it still makes me laugh. So, I thought I would share this with you. Here’s what happens when a girl forgets to take care of her contact lenses...

Nazi Gold

The Lost Treasure of Tunisia


A young German soldier poses proudly with his parents in a crumpled and torn old photograph. But this particular snapshot holds a secret that could unlock a 60-year-old mystery – the whereabouts of a fabled hoard of looted Nazi gold worth £20million.


For scrawled in fading blue ink on the back of the photo is a code which investigators hope will pinpoint Rommel's Treasure – a cache of ingots, jewellery and works of art hidden by the SS as they retreated at the end of the war.


Terry Hodgkinson, the British investigator leading the chase for the treasure, said: 'We have now worked out the code and are pretty confident of where the treasure is. We feel certain that the latest techniques can be used to retrieve it.'


He believes the co-ordinates refer to a point less than a mile off a tourist beach close to the port of Bastia, on the French island of Corsica.


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Image of the Day

Enlil at Ekur 

"Enlil is next to Anu in rank, but embodying energy and force rather than the calm authority of Anu..."

Kemo D. (a.k.a. no.7)