October 29th, 2007

Creationists Lose an Unwitting Ally

Scientist to creationists: Don't quote me, it was 1955!

Former chemistry professor Homer Jacobson has requested that two passages be retracted from a 1955 paper he wrote on the origins of life after discovering that creationists were using them to support their arguments.


The 84-year-old scientist told the New York Times that he made the discovery when, on a whim, he decided to Google himself and quotes from his paper popped up on creationist sites such as Darwinismrefuted.com and Evolution-facts.org. To bolster their case, the sites zeroed in on his statements that amino acids couldn't form spontaneously without energy—Jacobson says today that he failed to mention that energy sources most surely existed billions of years ago—and that life could arise only under very specific conditions, which he now calls "a dumb mistake."


His retraction request appears in the November / December issue of American Scientist, which published the original paper.

P.S.: Thanks Homer!

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Happy B-day Winona!

One of my favorite actresses Winona Ryder is 36 today.

Happy Birthday

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Joke of the Day

One cold night, a married couple is lying in bed. The wife is curled up, ready to go to sleep after a long day tiring at work. The husband turns his bed lamp on to read his favorite book. 

As he’s reading, he periodically reaches over to his wife and fondles her special area.


He does this for a few times, but only for a very short interval before returning to read his book. The wife gradually becomes more and more aroused and, assuming that her husband is seeking some encouragement before going further, she gets up and starts stripping in front of him.


The husband is shocked and asks, “Why are you taking off your clothes?”

His wife replies, “You were rubbing me downtown. I thought it was foreplay.”

The husband says, “No, not at all.”

His wife asks angrily, “Well, what the hell were you doing then?”

“I was just wetting my fingers so I could turn the pages in my book.”

Go Green

How to Green Your Sex Life


It might not be the first thing we think of while working towards a sustainable and graceful life on this fragile planet, but there’s a lot we can do to make our sex lives greener. 

1. Shower together. Not only do you save water, but you are sure to have a steamy time.

2. When it comes to lubes and lotions, go for the ones that are as natural as possible -- so without artificial colour, scents or tastes. You can even find organic products at some stores.

3. Try bamboo sheets on the bed -- they're sensual and slippery.

4. Try some natural aphrodisiacs. Herbs like ginseng and ginko biloba are rumored to be aphrodisiacs, plus some food items like strawberries, oysters, chocolate and wine. Know of any others?

In the process of greening the ecological footprint of our love making, we might also open up some new doors to deeper pleasure, satisfaction, and romantic connection.


For more information visit: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/02/how-to-green-your-sex-life.php

Kemo D. (a.k.a. no.7)

Lake Toplitz

The Lost Treasure of the Amber Room 

Lake Toplitz is a lake situated in a dense mountain forest high up in the Austrian Alps, 60 miles from Salzburg city in western Austria. It is surrounded by cliffs and forests in the picturesque Salzkammergut lake district within the Totes Gebirge, or dead mountains.


It is believed that the lake carries the past misdeeds of Germany in World War II. Supposedly, the Nazis stashed vast quantities of gold and other priceless plunder, including the lost panels from Russia’s Amber Room, as well as documents detailing the whereabouts of other Third Reich caches.


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Open your Mind

Mind Tricks Explained

The latest research on déjà vu, out-of-body experiences and other head games


Biologist Susumu Tonegawa of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently located the specific receptors in the hippocampus—a pair of neuronal clusters in the center of the brain—that work to tell similar but different places apart. 

In mice lacking these receptors, a room they've never seen before evokes the same response as a slightly different room they've seen a lot, a sensation that may be similar to déjà vu.

What It Means:The hippocampus is the part of your brain responsible for both your sense of direction and the formation of new memories. Déjà vu could be simply a temporary disorientation rooted there, as your brain confuses a new location with a remembered one.


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Person of the Week

William T. Golden


Although he never worked as a scientist and didn't receive his master's degree in biology until age 70, William T. Golden, who died Oct. 7, 2007, a few weeks short of his 98th birthday, was one of the most influential figures in post-World War II American science.


As a government advisor, trustee for museums and scientific organizations, and philanthropist, he helped shape the infrastructure for American science during the second half of the 20th Century.

MILF of the Week

Kate Hudson! : - )

Major Announcement!

I’ve some great News. I’m gonna write and publish a book! I already have an idea for the book but I’ve to yet come up with a title. It might take me up to a year and half to complete the book but it’s gonna be something worth waiting for! This is going to be my first book and I’m very excited!

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