November 3rd, 2007

Dances With Wolves Sequel

Dances with Wolves is about to get a sequel. The followup, which they're calling The Holy Road, is written by Michael Blake, who wrote the first movie as well as the two books on which it’s based. The sequel will pick up eleven years after the events of the first movie, with the Comanches in decline as white settlers continue to overrun their territory.


Unfortunately Kevin Costner is not involved in this project. Damn! If Stallone can still play Rambo, then why not let Costner grow out his mustache and play John Dunbar again?

Kemo D. (a.k.a. no.7)

Porn v. Morality

 Is the Porn Biz Moral?

Can erotic entertainment ever gain a legitimate place within cultural and business consciousness? How is Europe and Asia able to have such a freer attitude in this regard? Can American pornographic entertainment ever overcome the "seedy-dark-alley-perverted-decadent" label?


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Ancient Codes

 Phaistos Disk
In a century which has seen the cracking of Linear B, Ugaritic, and other orthographic systems, the Phaistos Disk has eluded decipherment. It’s the most important example of hieroglyphic inscription from Crete and was discovered in 1903. The disk is thought to date from around 1700 BC. 

It should be noted here that all previous attempts to decipher the Phaistos Disk have been subjective attempts, assigning phonetic values to the characters with no true objective criteria. This is therefore the first effort at cracking the disk by OBJECTIVE determinations.

Kemo D. (a.k.a. no.7)

Japan’s Best Bottom


Triumph International, organized a contest in
Tokyo a couple of weeks ago to look for the Japan’s best bottom. Anyway, surprisingly an 18-year-old girl, Kaho Watanabe emerged as the winner and crowned “Japan’s best bottom” babe! Surprising because at her age, her bottom shouldn’t be that attractive, am I right?

Kemo D. (a.k.a. no.7)

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Car of the Year

The New Lamborghini Reventón
Lamborghini Reventón
The 650-horsepower Reventón—named after a bull that killed the legendary matador Felix Guzman in the 1940s—does 0–60 in 3.4 seconds (topping out at 211 mph), comes in a limited production run of 20, and looks like the love child of an F-22 Raptor jet and the latest Batmobile.

With a space-shuttle thruster for an engine, an original body engineered to outrageous perfection and a through-the-roof price tag, Lamborghini is certainly hoping to elevate the Reventón to legendary status among the rarefied super car elite.

Kemo D. (a.k.a. no.7)
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