November 22nd, 2007

Planet Earth

Huge Submarine Landslide Discovered

A newfound submarine landslide from 60,000 years ago is the most colossal event of its kind ever discovered.


The flow of sand and mud rushed some 930 miles (1,500 kilometers) down a slightly sloped seafloor, with an initial burst of speed estimated at 45 mph (20 meters per second), said study leader Peter Talling of the University of Bristol. The slide occurred off the African coast.


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Slumber Reruns

As We Sleep, Our Brains Rehash the Day

And at six times faster than the normal speed..

Your brain doesn't take a rest when you do. While you slept last night, regions of your brain may well have been going over the events of the previous day in a process that could be related to consolidating memories, a team of researchers at the University of Arizona (U.A.) in Tucson says.


In fact, the review may be taking place at several times the speed, by whch the experiences took place when you were alert.


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Sense of Beauty Partly Innate

Is art beautiful because we are taught so, or are notions of beauty hard-wired into the brain?


When people were shown pictures of sculptures in a new study, brain scans suggest they judged beauty by at least partly hard-wired standards. Researchers in Italy showed volunteers original and distorted images of Classical and Renaissance sculptures.


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My Favorite Top 5

Top 5 Sexiest News Anchors

Driving down 59, I spotted a billboard for “Morning Express with Robin Meade” that’s being aired on CNN Headline News. Robin made me think about all the sexy news anchors that I’ve seen on TV. After a lil research I came up with my top 5.


5. Kiran Chetry


4. Melissa Wilson

Fox 26 News

      3. Robin Meade
CNN Headline News
Morning Express with Robin Meade

2. Bobbie Thomas
Fox Sport
Best Damn Sports Show Period

Melissa Theuriau                      
Métropole 6 
Zone interdite

Kemo D. (a.k.a. no.7)

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Happy Thanksgiving

 I would like to wish everyone (and especially for those who are reading my journal) an Happy Thanksgiving.

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