December 10th, 2007


Your Initials Could Spell Success
If your name begins with a "C" or a "D" you may not fare so well in school, but don’t think about changing your name to one beginning with an "A" or "B"—it won't boost your GPA.

This relationship between a person's initials and how well he or she performs in school was recently determined in a series of psychological studies examining how the so-called "name-letter effect" influences performance in different situations. The effect was discovered in studies done in the 1980s in which people rated how much they liked each of the letters of the alphabet.
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Human Nature

Are you Normal?
A more organic take on human nature is emerging. It sees behavior as a product of distinct personality traits that we all have to a greater or lesser degree. In this new view, we're all just a little bit crazy.
The idea that human nature can be refracted through personality traits has been around a long time. But it is gaining new momentum. For one thing, it gives us a high-definition picture of human character and its variety. 

It also encourages renewed appreciation for the diversity of influences on behavior, from genes to lifestyles.
As a result, the new view of personality heralds a revolution in how we view disorder, marking a shift away from rigid categories of pathology to a more organic sense of the way individuals fit in their world.
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6EQUJ5 - 20 years later

The “Wow” Signal

For the strongest data point of "Wow", the computed epoch 1950 galactic latitude was -17.86 degrees and the corresponding galactic longitude was 11.21 degrees. Thus, the "Wow" source direction was about 18 degrees below the plane of our galaxy and a total of about 21 degrees from the direction of the galactic center.

Ancient Treasures

Every chain of mountains has its legends and the Wichitas in southwest Oklahoma is no exception.

The Wichitas stretch across about mid-Kiowa County from the North Fork of the Red River into ComancheCounty around FortSill. These mountains, supposed to be the oldest in the United States, have formed the background for romance, tragedy, ambitions, dreams, catastrophes, successes and failures.
It is only natural that many legends and stories of gold hidden in their inaccessible boulders abound; strangers from foreign lands seeking their fortunes, gold miners, Indians, cowboys and outlaws.
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Quote of the Day

“The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.”
-Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996) -

Person of the Week

Elizabeth Blackburn
Her genetic explorations could lead to revolutionary treatments for cancer.

Elizabeth Blackburn is the 59-year-old Tasmanian-born scientist responsible for launching one of the hottest fields in the life sciences, the study of telomeres. 

These tiny strips of DNA cap the ends of chromosomes, and her research promises to yield potent therapeutics for many of the scourges that plague humanity.
The Cambridge-educated biochemist’s work has been honored with just about every major award in science.

MILF of the Week
Jenny McCarthy!