December 16th, 2007

Kemo's Church

The Curriculum
Good morning and welcome back! Today we are gonna talk about education. 
At graduation from high school, the student must be fully prepared to select his field of specialization and have the basics required to do well. He should be well rounded in general factual education. The actual curriculum should be established by the amount of real knowledge that can be absorbed during the school years. The following are suggestions that will be near the scope required.

Communication is an extremely important part of human life. Every word in the language is a symbol for a meaning in the mind. Encouraging the student to increase his vocabulary by reading a new word, then spelling it, speaking it, and using it in a meaningful way embeds that word in the student's mind. Composition, grammar and proper word usage should be constantly required from the student. The larger his vocabulary and the more crafted his sentences, the more reasoning and ideas that he can express (and the more he will understand).
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