May 23rd, 2017

The Ethics of Cultural Murder

The propensity for murder in the individual is not uniform in the human species. Genetic divergence in the characteristics of the instinct profile in the human is a result of the evolutionary relationship between instinct and intellect. Cultural environment also plays a strong part. The attitude of the individual human toward murder, and thereby the likelihood of a favorable disposition toward murder, becomes the summation of the two effects.

As a result, murder may be committed by individuals from any walk of life but is more apt to happen by individuals from poor cultural environments. When poor genetics and poor environment occur simultaneously in an individual, the result is often explosive. The murder spree is becoming more and more common, especially among the very young. Criminal murder is not as common as death from many diseases, but its effect on the minds of the population is much more severe. It is also the subject of publicity which intensifies the effect.

There is evidence that murder in the media (television, fiction, music, news) breeds murder. Every effort should be extended to curtail murder sensationalism in all of these avenues. The public deserves the news, but no more. Since the propensity for murder is a variable instinctive factor in the human mind, it will remain a severe problem until DNA engineering removes it. In the meantime, strict enforcement of law, quick apprehension and trial, and severe sentencing are the only tools available for minimizing criminal murder.

If the human species is to survive it must provide a benign, worldwide, uniform culture as a working environment. This is essential for a creative species. An intellectual culture, one based on real knowledge, is required to provide the creative atmosphere so essential for human invention, and thereby survival. The basis for a benign culture is a deep respect for human life, one which requires a species wide sincere effort to protect and nurture all human life.

Any cultural practice which involves murder (the deliberate and premeditated killing of a human) diminishes the perceived value of human life and detracts from the intellectual energy so necessary for species survival.

Kemo D. 7