June 17th, 2017

Game of the Month: Stormblood

Moving players to the far east in the land of Hingashi, the Warriors of Light make their way to the mountains of Ala Mhigo and islands populating the Ruby Sea. In this new and foreign land, the adventurers will get swept up in new quests recounting the history and current conflicts of the new land that was conquered by the Garlean Empire, while battling new monsters and foes that seek to cause widespread havoc across the realms of the surface, and in the civilization below the sea. With new trials ahead of them, the Warriors of Light will gain access to new weapons, spells, and the new jobs -- the Red Mage and Samurai -- to aid in their journey across the new world. Much like the last expansion, Heavensward, Stormblood plans for a game's worth of content, such as increasing the level cap and upgrading the combat system, along with a whole assortment of balance tweaks and enhancements to the core gameplay. In the years since the game's reboot, A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy XIV has a very steady and loyal population of users online keeping the game active. After Heavensward, the developers have been keeping at it with the new updates and hotfixes to the core gameplay, all the while prepping for the new expansion.

Kemo D. 7
Credit: GameRevolution