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My Favorite Porn Actress!

Janine Lindemulder

Janine is one of the most beautiful woman to enter the adult entertainment biz. She was featured in many Penthouse magazines before making her big break. After being featured in Hidden Obsessions by Andrew Blake, Janine was awarded best girl/girl scene from the X-rated Critics Organization for 1993. From there, Janine went on to signing an exclusive deal with Vivid Video. But it didn't stop there, Janine and co-star Julia Ann made a name for themselves by creating the hottest act on the strip "Blondage". The act resulted in Janine's arrest because she couldn't resist her partners charms which turned into a full on sex show. Even though Janine is known for only doing girl/girl scenes, we are awaiting the day she decides to jump on a rock hard ****!

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