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Beast of Bodmin Moor

Famous mystery animal that was first thought to be on the loose in the Cornwall area of Southern England in the early 1990's. Slain livestock and various sightings of Large Cats in the area led local officials to organise an investigation into the creature.

It is thought that the Beast of Bodmin Moor is an example of the Alien Big Cats phenomenon, and is most likely to be a Puma. This was verified in 1997 when Puma prints were discovered in the area. Several false discoveries of large cat skulls have however hampered progress in the investigation. 

In 1995 a skull was discovered on Bodmin Moor which turned out to be from a trophy, as well as several others in the following years. It has been suggested that a prankster may have been at work, planting the skulls on the Moor in order to improve support for the existence of the creature.

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