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The Mars Mystery

Pyramids Of Mars..

For centuries man has looked to Mars and has speculated on the many secrets that the red planet may conceal.  In the early years of astronomy, observers were mystified by the numerous grid-like lines etched on the planet's surface. As observation techniques and technology improved, it was speculated that these mysterious lines could very well be canals. Many observers, boldly suggested that they were waterways engineered by some intelligent life form. Given that Mars appeared to be a lifeless planet, many observers speculated that perhaps the canals were built by a long since vanished civilization.  

These beliefs held for a number of years, until improved technologies revealed that the lines were most probably carved by the natural effects of erosion.  This in its self was a startling discovery in that it offered the evidence that water existed or did exist on the planet at one time.  Of course water is a key element to supporting life. 

In recent years, the technology for observing the planets has improved dramatically and it is now possible for our space probes to do close "fly-bys" of the planets and take fairly detailed photographs and other scientific measurements of the surface.

In 1976, the NASA Viking probe recorded a number of photographs of Mars that caused a sensation.  The photos of the Cydonia region revealed an anomaly that appears to be a huge (1,500 ft high) face staring out into space.  This Image was initially dismissed by NASA as a "trick of the sun light and shadows," however other photos taken at different angles, still reveal what appears to be a face.  In addition to the face image, there are several other strange anomalies that are extremely interesting.  

One of the most interesting is a formation in the shape of a five sided pyramid pointing directly at the face, and arranged a distance of exactly 1/360th of the polar diameter of Mars from the face structure.  The other anomalies in the Cydonia region give the appearance of a ruined, city-like, complex including several other pyramid shapes.  Together, the three areas form a equilateral triangle.

Perhaps, instead of preparing for the contemporary scans of the Martian micro-intelligence, we might prepare ourselves for a close examination of pyramidal structures as blueprints for bio-magnetic analogs?  The Martian and Egyptian pyramidal grids may be models preparing us to meet the superior architects in our immediate universe?  Perhaps, the pyramid is a future artifact?

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