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Strictly for My Ninjas

Women played an important role in the history of Ninjutsu. They were known as "Kunoichi," the female Ninja.

The Kunoichi's training differed slightly from their male counterparts. One of the weapons commonly used by Kunoichi were needles. Often used to hold the hair up, they could quickly and easily be pulled out and used as a weapon. There was a saying in feudal
Japan that there was no castle guarded well enough that a Kunoichi could not enter.


In the late 16th century Chiyome Mochizuki, the wife of Shogun Moritoki Mochizuki, created one of the widest networks of female Ninja agents ever known. During the province wars of Japan, she created an underground Kunoichi school for young girls, who were often orphaned from the constant civil wars around the country.


Using Ninjutsu, they wove one of the most intricate information networks of the era, and effectively sealed a place in history for the female Ninja. 

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