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Cybernetic Wars

The "Real" Enemy

As humans, we are creatures of the Mind. We live within a rich interior landscape every bit as real as the house in which our physical body resides or as real as the curb upon which we lay our weary head at the end of another fruitless day. 

And the more desolate one's exterior world the more pressure there is to escape into an interior landscape over which one has at least some illusory control. Lacking a sense of personal philosophy or artistic sensibility (not to mention a family, loved ones and a satisfactory job) one's interior landscape can quickly turn into a horrific battle zone. 

The impotent quest for power; for personal authentication can quickly translate itself into a violent nature.


And the desire for fulfillment denied in the world can quickly and predictably be realized in a joint, a needle or a crack pipe. For make no mistake about it--drugs will make you high. The 'rush' that one can get from closing a million dollar real estate deal, or surfing a difficult wave, or skiing down a mountain of new snow or free falling from 10,000 feet can be duplicated instantly with certain drugs.

We have entered a new zone of experience and the old templates which have worked for the past couple hundred years will simply no longer fit the mold. Our feelings of reality result from our manipulation of our environment; either the exterior or the interior environment. 

The cold reality is that this is the age of the Cybernetic Wars and the sad fact and sudden realization of this war is that our "spirits" are adrift in a chemical stew.

So, now we have identified the problem, what is the solution? There is but one solution to the present dilemma. What we are faced with is nothing less than a complete rethinking of the way we perceive reality and our position within it. We are literally faced with the awesome prospect of having to reinvent ourselves! And it is not an option. Ready or not; here it is! The future is NOW.

We must first truly realize that we are absolutely on a war-time footing; psychologically and psychically. After millions of years of evolution and after uncountable wars, we have finally eliminated all the enemies but one: the last enemy, and the ultimate adversary! As the cartoon says; 'we have encountered the enemy and he is us'! The enemy is the uncharted territory within the human mind which until quite recently we have not had either the discretionary time or money or interest to explore.


It might even be said that rather than a war in the historical sense what we are involved in now is a rather intense expedition of discovery. What used to be the private reserve of the wealthy, the overeducated or merely the creatively perverse has, through the process of democracy, been finally offered up at the Western buffet for one and all.

What are we to do?. Until the 'new software' for the human heart is created there have to be exit points that carry no shame and no negative burden. These exit points have to be as relevant to the teenager in the ghetto as the abused housewife, the unhappy lawyer or corporate professional locked into his/her unhappy plight. So what we are describing is a need for an entirely New Model for the interior world. Wise men throughout history have taught us that what we see within will be modeled without. So you do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There has to be a renewed appreciation of the golden mean, the middle road that manages to avoid the extremes, both the high as well as the low.

We must offer the model of the individual who is unacknowledged but still accomplished; alone but not lonely, even without funds perhaps but certainly not poor. We must simplify. And it is not as if there weren't models present and accounted for. There are thousands of such people walking around leading perfectly glorious lives while the societal eye--the media--remains focused upon the victims and the casualties of the Cybernetic Wars.

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