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Calls for Less Nudity on Everest

Nudity could be outlawed on the world's tallest mountain complaints about the number of climbers attempting to reach its summit without clothes. 

Nepalese mountaineering authorities are reportedly outraged that people were ditching their clothes on
Mount Everest, which is worshipped by some villagers. 

President of Nepal Mountaineering Association Ang Tshering told AP that following last year’s record by a Nepali climber, who claimed the world's highest display of nudity while standing on the 8,850m summit in temperatures about minus 10 degrees Celsius, restrictions should be implemented. 

“There should be strict regulations to discourage such attempts by climbers,” Tshering said. Tshering also said that villages had also complained to the government about the “obscene” behaviour. Thousands of climbers had reached the mountain’s summit since it was first conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953.

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