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Air and Space Expo

A Sightseer's Paradise

The latest in military aviation and private rocket entrepreneurship is being readied for flight later this month at the upcoming Holloman Air & Space Expo in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Along with high-flying aircraft and rocketry, the October 27-28 expo will be a ground and eye-level treat for those visiting the show. On display will be a unique collection of hardware that affords those attending a look at both governmental air prowess and private spaceflight initiatives.


"This year's Cup is literally an order of magnitude more exciting than last year," explained X Prize founder, Peter Diamandis. "We've moved the venue from Las Cruces Airport to the Holloman Air Force Base and are expecting 60,000 to 80,000 to attend compared to last year's 12,000 attendees."


For the aviation side of the venue, it's going to be top-flight, Diamandis added. "We also are bringing the Air Force's coolest and highest-tech flying machines to this party," he said, pointing out that Holloman is the home of the F22-Raptor, the most incredible flying machine in America's arsenal, as well as the F-117 stealth fighter.


On the sightseeing manifest for expo visitors are displays and exhibits by key, leading-edge enterprises, such as Rocketplane Kistler, XCOR Aerospace and Starchaser, alongside Northrop Grumman and NASA.

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