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The Final Frontier

Take a Journey Through Space

Mysterious, Exotic, and Exciting. That's how I see it. Awesome, Colorful and Bright! For the most part, unknown. Yes, there is still much to learn.

Ok, in 3, 2, 1...

First Stop: Planet Earth, pretty massive huh? Contains over 6 billion people!

The earth and its siblings.

The Sun is huge compared to the earth!

The Sun vs. Another star. Ok, you can't even see the earth now, kind of like a bacteria. It's like another realm entirely when thinking about our size as a person, and it’s so infinitely small yet holds 6 billion people!

Some stars are MUCH bigger than the sun, which is only a pixel now! And the's laughable. Why stop here. Let's continue our journey!

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is about 100, 000 light years (light travels at 286,000 miles a second) in diameter and contains 200-400 billion stars.

These are several spiral galaxies in our local group which each contain hundreds of billions of stars.

The Universe contains hundreds of billions of galaxies and is over ten BILLION light years wide!

The journey ends here... When our Universe finally runs out of steam, the greatest task of all is given to mankind. The task is, to travel to the end of the Universe, to that great abyss and look out over the vast beyond, having first gathered enough resources together to survive while waiting for the next cycle to return.

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